EVite options

Episode 863 (13:13)

Mark from Santa Ana, CA

Mark says that Google Glasses is a lot like the scifi novel Damon, which has a guy with glasses that gives him information about people’s reputation as he sees them.
Mark also wants to know about online invitations for a scouting event. Suggestions? Leo says he uses eVite, but the downside of it is that you have to sign in and use it, which has potential privacy issues. Other options include EventBrite, if you’re raising money. The chatroom says AnyVite is a good free option, as is Facebook Events - which is beneficial since just about everyone is on Facebook anyway. But those who aren’t … they may not be too thrilled. Here’s 10 Alternatives to EVite by CNet.

Mark also is having trouble syncing photos to his iPhone. Leo says that for the MAC, iPhoto is the best option because it syncs directly to the iPhone. But on the PC, you’d probably have to use iTunes. Picasa is also an option, because it works similarly like iPhoto - syncing directly.