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Episode 1570 (2:05:50)


Dickie D is back from the annual New York Toy Fair and here's what he found -

From Yulu Toys, makers of Watermelon Smash & Tic Tac Tongue comes The #SNAPSTAR squad. As Yulu puts it, Lola, Aspen, Izzy, Echo, Dawn and Yuki are united by their love of fashion, style, food, music and traveling! In today's’ tween world of YouTube and social engagement, this fresh new “social influencer” fashion doll brand is ready to connect with today’s kids in a way they can relate. What makes this squad unique: #SNAPSTAR dolls are fully articulated and poseable beyond any other fashion doll on the market. Customize the dolls with dozens of customizable styling options for hair, makeup, accessories and more with the free #SNAPSTAR Studio app for iOS or Android. Then use the unique #SNAPSTAR stand and green screen for literally countless poses and pics, without seeing the stand! ‘Tweens can turn their doll into a social media star as they pose, snap and share photos using #SNAPSTAR. The Giz Wiz adds: These will be a big hit with the fashion dolls having their own YouTube Channel and Instagram pages. And they're under $15.00. Available only at Walmart.


Build the building of your dreams with Arckit.

Here's the back story from Damien Murtagh, an architect and the founder of Arckit. Damien knows the value of a physical model to explore ideas and present designs to clients. But he said traditional ‘cut and glue’ models are time-consuming and expensive. His 'light bulb moment' came while he decided to develop a real modular building concept that would be fast and efficient. To his amazement, nothing like this existed – so he decided to invent one from scratch! It allowed him and other architects (who now buy his kits) and anybody, including kids as young as 4, to explore building designs and bring them to life quickly. No plans needed, just build with imagination! For the more professional, the kits are based on modern building techniques and a 1.2m/4ft grid to scale. The clever ‘click and connect’ modular components make it possible to create a vast range of structures that can be quickly assembled and endlessly modified. Perfect for STEAM learning, architects, hobbyists, students and children. Kits start at about $39.95

Toy Fair 2019 ArcKit -

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