What point and shoot camera does good macro shots?

Episode 1544 (1:38:14)

Dennis from Rouche, OR
Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera

Dennis wants to take some close up photos of diamonds and gems using a point and shoot camera. Can he do that? He can't afford an expensive macro lens. Leo says that point and shoots do macro photography quite well. His first choice would be the Sony RX100 series. It has a 1" sensor, which will give him the best results.

Leo recommends going to DPReview.com for reviews of cameras. They also have a very good video out on Macro Photography.

Another option to consider is a micro 4/3s camera. But the price of the camera for that purpose is going to be in the same ballpark as a macro lens.

From the chatroom - The macro isn't the best for the RX. Photoworkout.com has an article on the best cameras for macros in 2018, and it says the Olympus TG5 is the best point and shoot. Min distance down to 1CM in macro mode. $379. That's a great deal.