Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1507 (22:30)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott got an email about how an old Sony Stereo with Sansui Speakers can work with modern sources. How can he get something that can bridge the gap from his phone, or Network Attached Storage, to his old stereo? He'd rather not use Bluetooth, but Scott says that it's easier to deal with and there are tons of audio adapters for Bluetooth. Amazon Basics makes one for $20. The Wirecutter says that the StarTeck DT250A is the best one, at $50.

There are also a few that work over Wi-Fi, like the Google Chromecast Audio. It can work with Toslink/optical connections. Pyle makes a wireless audio receiver for $50. IDER and Phorus also have WiFi solutions for $50.

Leo says that Bluetooth does compress the audio a lot to get it over the limited bandwidth, and that can affect HiFi quality. Scott says that the only way to get sound from a NAS is over Wi-Fi using DNLA. So that leaves out Bluetooth as well.

Scott is also featured in the soundtrack for the upcoming shark epic The Meg. He's playing SeaShell Trumpet, or Conk.