Can I make my landline mobile?

Episode 1476 (37:11)

Todd from Palmdale, CA
Phone conversation

Todd says he had a friend that was able to make her landline phone mobile. Leo says it's possible to do it the other direction. If he had a cell phone, there are a number of devices to turn it into a home phone. He could dock the cell phone into a docking station, and it would look like he'd have a regular landline phone, but it would be tied to his cell phone. There may have been a device that Todd's friend had that made her landline phone into a form of walkie-talkie, but the transmitter she would have needed for that would need to be really significant. There are walkie-talkies with ranges of many miles, but as soon as they'd be out of range, the phone wouldn't work.

Leo says he should look into getting a base station or something for the cell phone to make it seem more like a home phone. If he's an amateur radio enthusiast, he could get into HAM radio. HAM radio operators carry handy-talkies, but they need to be licensed to do that.