Do I need to replace my iPhone SE?

Episode 1461 (11:37)

Kevin from Spokane, WA
Apple iPhone 5S

Kevin has an iPhone SE and it's not updating anymore, so he needs to buy a new smartphone. Leo says that there's a life cycle for mobile devices, and even though it works just fine, technology will pass it up, and it will seem slower than it used to be. Apple will support a phone for three years before it starts dropping them off the update cycle. The iPhone's battery also has limited charging cycles of about 500 full cycles, or 2-3 years. And as the phone gets older, Apple starts slowing the phone down to keep it from overtaxing the processor and overheating it.

Android ages even faster, and it's worse because not all smartphones get updated due to carriers deciding what OS updates it will provide. The actual OS update isn't as important as the security updates, though, so if he can get those, then he can keep it running. What Android phone does Leo recommend? Leo does like the Essential phone. It's a small company that is doing some great things.

Image By Kelvinsong (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons