What is the Fingbox?

Episode 1449 (1:52:26)

Ken from Pennsylvania

Ken wants to know about a new hardware gadget called Fingbox. Leo says that Fing is a good company, but this is their first internet of things hardware offering. The key here is, will it be kept up to date? Will it be maintained in the long term? It looks like a cool Echo type of device, but only time will tell.

Leo says that since it's a crowd-sourced device, Leo would recommend waiting to see how it progresses. The key is to keep it secure. You can bet there will be exploits, so the question is, how soon will Fing update it when that happens? Leo has a hunch that Fing is committed to keeping it up today, but they're not a big company. Ken should search for Fingbox security exploits and see if there's an ongoing concern.