How can I get notified audibly that I got a call?

Episode 1445 (1:22:09)

Lee from Big Bear, CA
Phone notification

Lee wants to know how he can be notified of a call on his iPhone 7. Leo says that if he looks at his phone icon, he'll see a red dot with the number of calls. Then he can tap it and see what calls he missed. What about an audio notification? Leo says that If This Then That may be able to give him what he needs. He should try the iPhone app, but Apple is pretty restrictive on opening up the iOS architecture. So that could be something it just won't let him do.

From Episode 1168: There is an audible notification setting in the iPhone:

Go to Settings > Notifications > Phone, and then turn notifications for missed calls on or off there. has an article on how to change these settings here. She can have it play any sound she wants, too.