Why am I missing text messages in Google Voice?

Episode 1444 (35:45)

Phil from Concord, CA
Google Hangouts

Phil is having issues with Google Voice, missing text messages, and voicemails. Leo says that Google has let Voice fall in quality since it bought it and may be moving away from it as a viable service. Even Hangouts isn't what it used to be. Leo used it when it was originally called Grand Central and it was great. But over the last year or so, it's really gotten hit or miss. Nowadays, Leo just uses it as a call forwarding service. But it may not be Google's fault. It may also be phone carriers who are engaging in anti-competitive behavior. Sadly, there is no real answer since Google is working on other voice options. So it's probably not going to get much better.

There are alternatives, such as Grasshopper. But he may have to pay a monthly fee for it.

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