Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1444 (2:18:38)

PillStashios are treats that enable pet owners to “stash” their medications inside so your pet takes them. They look like a little nut that opens with room inside for the pill. They comes in two different sizes for different sized pills. Using all natural, USA sourced, healthy ingredients, with really delicious flavors. PillStashios are made with our patented and unique 'Smell Lock TM' closure system to ensure that dogs can't smell the pill inside or they can't separate the pill and spit it out. PillStashios come in a variety of delicious flavors that can be found here including; Apple Bacon, Blueberry Chicken and Cranberry Turkey. They sell for under $13.

Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/olYX61s3wCk

Company website: https://www.pillstashios.com/

For Cat lovers ...a gadget invented by a vet to help them try out their 'hunting' skills and let your cat feed themselves. It's called the No-bowl indoor cat feeder.A vet designed this bowl-free way to add a bit of exercise and fun when it's time for cat to eat! The vet says that cats like to hunt for their food, so this feeding system looks like common prey (a mouse). You fill the container inside the fake mice with dry food and hide them. When hungry, the cat goes looking for food which the vet says simulates natural hunting and eating patterns. As they roll the mouse around, spills out. Comes with 5 little fake mice and containers, and a trainer mouse container. Description says “designed for one cat” but I don't see why more they one cat can enjoy 'the hunt for food'. Juse hide them all over the house or apartment. The kit is $39.99. Available on the company website.

Company website: https://docandphoebe.com/collections/indoor-hunting-feeders