Leo's Bottom Line Impression of the iPhone X

Episode 1437 (03:57)

Apple iPhone X

Leo's bottom line impression of the iPhone X: "Wow. I didn't expect to like it!" While Apple got their OLED screens from Samsung, it was made to their exact specifications, including no burn in. And he says it's gorgeous. Leo also says the notch doesn't bother him at all. Most of the time it's invisible. Facial recognition works as advertised, but not always. Then again, it does have a backup six digit code to open it. It has an edge to edge screen that's actually smaller than the previous model, but has larger screen space since there isn't much of a bezel.

So what did he find wrong with it? He still wants a headphone jack and isn't thrilled with the AirPods. It's also just plan too expensive. But it feels good, it works well, and has a great screen. Don't drop it though, it has glass on the front and back. Leo recommends buying Apple Care Plus because screen repair is $260 and any other repair is $500.

But in spite of how expensive it is, Leo says it's worth the price.