Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1419 (1:11:11)

Chris Marquardt

Apple has a new image format that's going to be coming with the new IOS 11 called HEIF, or high efficiency image format. It will have raw capabilities giving more detail and color gamut, but at smaller file sizes.

Chris joins us to talk about traveling with your gear. He read and article about someone traveling with $20,000 in gear and when he arrived at his destination, they were smashed because he checked them. So here are some tips:

Take the lens off your camera. The attachment between your camera and the lens is a break point. So take them apart, put covers on them, and wrap them separately. Also put them in your carry on. NEVER check your camera bag. Scott E Vest makes travel jackets that allow you to store your lenses and cameras on your person. Another good idea is to use a Beer Cozy as protection for your lenses. Wrap your tripod up as well to give it a measure of padded protection. Chris also uses an old duffel bag that doesn't announce that it's holding something valuable. Chris also uses a photo backpack. They have velcro dividers that you can adjust to perfectly house your gear so it doesn't move around. Leo says that Peak Designs makes them. Chris recommends EBock. Some people even use a diaper bag.