What will I miss out on if I switch from iPhone to Android?

Serj from San Diego, CA

Episode 1411 (15:19)

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Serj wants to know what he'll miss out on with the next generation iPhone if he makes the switch to Android. Leo says that a lot of what Serj is feeling is due to the Apple hype machine. Since he's concerned with how much more fragile the iPhone has become over the years, Leo points out that Android phones have become just as fragile.

Serj will miss out on the two camera portrait mode options in the iPhone now, but the Android devices have cameras that are just as capable. One thing he'll miss out on is getting Apple Messages. If he's a part of a group text messages, he may miss the message because Messages is a closed system. He can also text from the desktop without a third party option like Whats App or Facebook Messenger.

Head to head, they're basically the same. Android does have the benefit of better customization. So if he's living in the Apple ecosystem with other devices, he'll be better off sticking with the iPhone. If he wants an Android device, Leo's current favorite is the Google Pixel.