Can I Chromecast to several TVs at once over a network?

Episode 1409 (11:27)

Brian from Thousand Oaks, CA
Raspberry Pi

Brian wants to know if he can use a Chromecast to actually broadcast to a network. He has a company and he wants to be able to hold sales meetings with one computer running all TV screens and Chromecast content to all in the meetings. Leo says no. Chromecast is a 1:1 device and no computer can broadcast to more than one screen at once. He can use the Wavecom Jr., which is an RF broadcast solution that will enable him to broadcast via radio to each screen which has a receiver attached to it. That's one option.

He could also probably use Raspberry Pi to create his own custom solution via Hoopla. They're the cost of a Chromecast and would give him many more options. They also have Windows built into them. He can even build them into small boxes that he can velcro to the back of the monitor.