Is there a security camera that doesn't rely on Wi-Fi?

Tom from Mesquite, TX

Episode 1383 (38:48)

Xiaomi Yi Cam

Tom has a neighbor who uses a security camera for his apartment, but they don't have internet access to monitor it. How can he create a local recording option to an SD card? Leo says that's going to be a challenge, having to collect SD cards every day. A closed circuit TV option may be a better choice, but setting up a local Wi-Fi network and recording to a computer will also work. He'll just have the cameras join an adhoc network and record to an old PC. Or he can buy several SD card based security cameras and stick them everywhere. But most of them only record when there's motion or will record on a loop. Recording only when there's movement is a good idea. There's also a nature view camera designed to capture wildlife outdoors. Bushnell makes them and they can last a long time. It just depends on how much he wants to spend.

Xiaomi's Yi Cam is really cheap, is IP based, small, and easy to hide. He can also get some old webcams and plug them into a computer and use open source software to create his own security network. He can find out more at