How can I organize all my open windows in macOS?

Ken from Windsor, CAN

Episode 1383 (11:05)

macOS Spaces

Ken uses multiple monitors and he has never been satisfied with how they are set up with color, and the bezels are distracting. He bought a 27" iMac to just rely on one large screen, but now he has a frustrating array of windows that are simply a mess. Leo says that Apple uses a virtual desktop management system that allows him to maximize a screen and switch between them by using the "Ctrl" key with the left and right arrow keys. That way he can focus on one active window and then easily change to the next task. It's much easier than trying to juggle multiple windows.

If he wants to use multiple windows, then macOS has window snapping, which will enable him to create tiled windows in one space nice and tidy. Alt + Tab will also work. Better Snap is a third party option that may also help.

The key is to understand how macOS Spaces work.