Apple's Modular Mac coming in 2019? Could it be VaporWare?

Episode 1379 (26:34)

Apple Mac Pro

An article at MacRumors says that "constant negativity" from pros over the TouchBar on the MacBook Pro, as well as complaints on the Mac Pro tower prompted Apple to rethink the design of the pro Mac platform. But let's be real here. They're not planning to release it until at least 2019.

Leo says that the news leak about the modular Mac is a holding action. Apple's last ditch attempt to hang onto professionals, and they're doing it with VaporWare... not a serious new Mac Pro computer. That's why the shipping date is so far out. Leo believes that Apple will ultimately abandon the computer in favor of mobile devices. Leo predicts that one year from now, Apple will pull out of the modular Mac and other desktops, and just make iPads and iPhones.