What computer should I get for college?

Tara from Menifee, CA

Episode 1373 (1:24:36)

Dell XPS 13

Tara is going back to college to become an electrical engineer and is trying to find the right computer for the job. Should she get a tablet or a MacBook? She'll be doing coding as well. Leo says that if there's specific software, then she'll likely need to use the platform that supports it. She should talk to an advisor and ask them. Since she's doing electrical engineering and not computer science, then a Linux computer may actually work for her. She should get any laptop she likes and then she can put Linux on it. Most coders prefer it anyway. A Windows PC that she can dual boot with Linux would also work. That would help with CAD work. She should get a laptop. The current Windows laptops can be convertible to a tablet, but she won't get a lot of use out of that.

Leo recommends Dell and Lenovo. Dell has a whole division supporting Linux as well. A Mac would give her the option to run Windows and Linux as well, but Leo says they are overpriced. The HP Spectre is very thin and light, and would be good for running Linux. The Dell XPS 13. The Lenovo Thinkpad. She should check with her school bookstore for a good student discount as well.