Should I buy a Chromebook?

Episode 1372 (1:39:30)

Norman from Lakeview, OH
Samsung Chromebook Plus

Norman heard Leo say that the Chromebook would simplify his online life. Is that true? Leo says yes. Ten years ago, his choices were Windows or Mac and they are really overkill for most users and overly complex. Windows is worse because it's more of a security concern. But the Chromebook is so tuned into the internet, that it's simpler, and more secure. They're also more affordable. The only real need is that he'll have to have an always on internet connection.

Can he have one with a large screen? Leo says sure, with the ChromeBox. He can then hook that up to a big monitor. Or he could use a Chromebit that he can plug into a TV. Many modern Chromebooks can run Android apps as well.