Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1366 (2:09:26)

Dick DeBartolo

You probably know about go-karts, but have you heard about Smart-Karts? Actev Motors has come up with the Arrow Smart-Kart: a fun go-kart (with many safety features) aimed at five to nine-year-old kids. Kids will not only love driving the Arrow, but they can also personalize their driving experience by downloading synthesized engine sounds. The single bucket seats boasts twin built-in speakers. The Actev App also lets kids monitor stats such as total driving time, total distance, and maximum speed. But wait, there's more! The parents can also monitor how fast the kids are driving, where they're driving and they can even limit the speed the Arrow Smart-Kart can drive at. Top speed is 12 mph and it's not designed for any public road. Another amazing feature is a crash-avoidance system. The Arrow Smart Kart is $999.95. They're ready to ride at that price, but if you want, you can add a body kit in red or silver. That retails for an additional $199.99.

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- Company Website (actevmotors.com)