Where can I find a manual for my phone?

Debbie from Calabasas, CA

Episode 1350 (1:24:47)

Samsung Galaxy S7

Debbie has a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and she wants to view the manual, but they don't have it in English. Leo says that Samsung makes different phones for different regions and it sounds like Debbie's is for a different region. The only real difference is the radios that are in it. She can download a PDF version of the manual, that's not a big deal, but she'll want to be sure it's compatible with the carrier she uses and the data bands she'll want.

Leo advises going to GSMArena to see, as well as XDA Developers. She should look for her model.

Are there security issues? Not at all. But if she's concerned, she can turn on encryption where possible and use a password vault.