Why am I getting driver warnings?

Episode 1251 (1:12:39)

Rene from Long Beach, CA

Rene's hard drive was about to crash so she bought a new hard drive and reinstalled Windows. It's been updating, but today she's missing drivers and getting unknown device errors. She googled the driver error and Leo stopped her right there and said that Googling drivers is a dangerous thing to do because she could get a nefarious hacked driver. He recommends always going directly to the manufacturer for the latest drivers. Rene can go to Dell and look at the specific machine. Each one has a device number. She may be missing drivers from extra USB peripheral devices. Leo suggests unplugging all the unnecessary peripherals. Then go into Device Manager and remove drivers and devices with red X's by them. That signals Windows to upgrade the drivers. Absent all that, if the system is OK, it'll likely fix itself in time with a future update.

The warning of a crashed hard drive could also be a false positive. The so-called smart hard drives are often unreliable with those smart warnings. Leo recommends doing what the HAL9000 suggested in 2001 and put it back in and let it fail. Just back up regularly.

The chatroom also suggests running Dell's AutoUpdater Software. That'll give her all the drivers she needs. This is one of the reasons why Leo says getting a tablet or Chromebook is a better option for most people.