Why doesn't Windows 10 work after updating?

Episode 1250 (2:11:07)

Larry from Manhattan Beach, CA

Larry has a Windows 10 gaming machine that he built, but after updating to Windows 10, it won't boot up. It always crashes. But when he put his Linux disk in it and it runs fine. Leo says that it's likely a driver issue. It's not uncommon for Windows to crash after being updated as there may be additional features that the hardware won't support. Microsoft may have put in a driver that isn't supported by Larry's hardware set. There's a good chance there's nothing wrong with the hardware and that in time, Microsoft will release a fix.

The problem is, by building his own machine, there's different drivers, sometimes more than one. And Microsoft thinks it's fixed the issue or made things better when they've actually broken it. And they may not fix it. It could also be a hard drive error. Larry should try putting in another hard drive to see if it works. But there are also known processor compatibility issues with many processors. So he may want to look that up as well. And since the computer is 7 years old, that's probably the issue. One way to fix it is to just go back to Windows 7.