What computer should I buy for college?

Episode 1193 (1:42:18)

Michelle from Mission Viejo, CA
Apple MacBook Pro

Michelle's daughter is going to college, and will be majoring in science. What computer should she buy? Leo says if she can afford it, she should get a Mac -- specifically the upper level Pro models. If she prefers Windows, Leo advises going with a pro business line. In other words, she shouldn't get any of the cheap laptops.

Which platform should she choose, Mac or PC? Leo says that Macs are widely used in science, and are pretty much the same in terms of hardware. She could run Windows on a Mac if she wanted. Leo recommends calling the school and asking the department she's studying with for a recommendation. Then talk to the school bookstore. They usually offer a student discount. How about refurbished models? Leo says to only get them from the manufacturer. It won't save her a lot, but she might save a few hundred. How about laptop locks? Leo say they don't really help much, but the Kensington Lock is probably the best.