Why can't I share files from one app to another on the iPhone?

Episode 1146 (2:08:51)

Steven from Los Angeles, CA
Apple iPhone and 6 Plus

Steve just replaced his Android phone with an iPhone 6 Plus for the camera. But his challenge is all the stuff he has in the cloud, and with Android it was so easy to share it. Leo says that Apple's philosophy is to limit users in order to keep them out of trouble.

Is there an app that can get around Apple's sandboxing? Leo says no. Apple doesn't want communication between apps because that's risky. So he can only share from within an app. iOS 8 is starting to break down that walled garden, but not in the way that Steve wants. Apple doesn't give users access to file systems. Steve can send files from where the file is to Gmail, or he can put everything onto Google Drive. Then he can get to his files.

There is an app on iOS called Boxer, which is an email app that will allow him to attach files from virtually anywhere.

But Leo stayed with Android because he wants choice and there's no evidence that iOS is safer than Android.