Why does my Time Capsule keep resetting?

Episode 1123 (1:21:07)

Tamara from California
AirPort Time Capsule

Tamara has an Apple Time Capsule and every few weeks it requires her to start over again with a new backup. Leo says it's possible that the hard drive inside of the Time Capsule is faulty or failing. Fortunately, she has a secondary backup via iCloud Backup. Leo says that's good news. So she doesn't have to worry about the data on the Time Capsule. Should she just demand Apple give her a new one? Leo says that it may not be a bad device, actually. It could be a network issue. But Leo says to bring it into Apple and talk to a Genius. They may just replace it if she's polite and tell them everything she's done to fix it.

Here's a technote on how to erase the Time Capsule and start over.

Tamara is also worried about the government being able to pry into her data if she stores it into the cloud. Leo says that the NSA can get into her desktop if they really wanted to. And they could also intercept and read her communications, find out her activity through her ISP, and even get to her hardware if they want to. But the reality is, the NSA is looking for terrorists, not looking at American citizens traffic for no real reason.