Why do my windows minimize by themselves?

Episode 1123 (30:47)

Shriley from Lomita, CA

Shirley can't keep her Windows open because they minimize without her pressing the button. She tries to use the Internet Explorer icon to bring them back, and they stay for awhile, but then disappear again. Leo says that there's a Windows M key on the keyboard that will do it. Also, there's a program that may want Shirley's attention and, as such, it's shrinking the windows. Putting the mouse in the corner may do it as well, so she should make sure it's moved out of there.

The chatroom says to right-click on the desktop, select "personalize", and reset the desktop to the default setting. She should also disable the screen saver. It sounds like it may be corrupt and can't initiate the screen saver completely. The chatroom also says that there is a Windows 7 minimize bug, and there's a YouTube video that describes and fixes it here.