Why can't Apple find out what's wrong with my Mac?

Episode 1063 (1:53:01)

Ron from Ventura, CA

Ron bought a MacBook Pro. It's his first Mac. It was working great and then a month later, he started getting error messages and crashes. He backed it up and took it to the Apple Store to have it looked at. It came back without Bootcamp on it and they never figured out what was wrong after several trips back. Leo had a similar problem with his Mac Pro and they discovered it was bad RAM. It sounds like Ron's problem could be similar. It could also be the the hard drive. It's very difficult to find an intermittent problem.

Leo says Ron should insist they replace the whole computer since he's brought it in several times. If they don't, Leo says Ron should write a letter to:

Tim Cook
CEO at Apple,
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA

Tell him the problem and that he's wasted time with Apple trying to track it down and it should be replaced. Leo believes Ron will get satisfaction as Cook's office will assign someone to follow up. Also, Tweet about it to Apple. Be nice and respectful.