Scott Wilkinson on Sound Calibration

Episode 1063 (29:41)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo today to talk home theater, especially with calibrating it for great sound. Leo's friend Pete has a question about sound when you're older. He's noticed that TV dialogue is muddled. He bought a Pioneer soundbar by Andrew Jones to compensate for it.

Leo thinks you can boost the center channel because that's where the dialogue comes from, and Scott agrees. Also, in the receiver, you can boost the center channel. But if you only have a stereo receiver, then it's harder because they use a "phantom" center channel. Soundbars have presets and one is called "Movies," or "Dialogue" which emphasizes the center channel. But unfortunately, as you get older, you lose the high frequencies and dialogue does pose a problem, which is why the Pioneer soundbar is really helpful.

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