How can I troubleshoot a sound card issue?

Episode 1023 (1:32:27)

Chuck from

Chuck says that his Windows Media Center has lost all it's sound. Leo says it could be as easy as a bad or loose speaker wire, or most likely a corrupted sound driver. It could also be a poorly coded video which prevents the audio from being played. Leo recommends playing it with VideoLan's VLC Media Player. If you can hear the audio, then you know that Windows Media Center is causing the issue. If it doesn't, then Leo recommends playing back with headphones. If that works, then you know it has to be your sound cables. If it doesn't, then you have a larger hardware issue and you need to first try to update the sound drivers. If that doesn't work, it may require a new sound card. But if you can hear sound from other sources, then it's likely Windows Media Player.