Run Individual Programs as Administrator

One of the ways you can easily protect yourself against malware and viruses is by running as a "Standard" or "Limited" user in Windows. When you run as administrator, programs can easily get full access to your system, including those that might be installed without your knowledge. But when you run as a standard user, you may run into an issue where a program won't run because it requires more permissions. An example of software that would require additional permissions would be a screen recording program. When this happens, you can elect to run that individual program as administrator.

To do this, just right click on that program's icon and select "run as administrator." You'll need to enter the admin password, and the program should launch. You can also set up a shortcut on the desktop so that every time you click on it, that program will run with administrator privileges. Just make sure that program is one that you absolutely trust, and that it came from a trusted location.

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