Protect Yourself Online Without Antivirus Software

On episode 1385 of The Tech Guy, Leo had seven tips for protecting yourself online without relying on antivirus software at all. Six of these tips come from the acronym "U.P.D.A.T.E." in Mark Goodman's book "Future Crimes," and one of the tips was added by Leo:

U: UPDATE. Anything that goes on the internet need to be updated frequently. Many updates are done automatically, but make sure the updates have been done.
P: PHONE. Turn on 2 factor authentication for your device.
D: DOWNLOAD. Be careful to only download from reliable sources. Do not click on pop-ups or links. Go directly to the site.
A: ADMIN. Do NOT run as an Administrator. Run as a limited, or standard user. Leo says the permissions you have are the permissions malware will get. So limit them.
T: TURN OFF. Just turn off the computer when not using it. If you leave the computer on, it's connected. If it's off, it can't get infected.
E: Encrypt. Whenever you can, turn on encryption. This includes your phone and computer. That way if they are stolen, they can't access anything.

Leo would also add BACKUP. That way you have a plan B in case something does go wrong.